Saturday, March 18, 2017

Auditorium Building Chicago (Where I went to School)

The Chicago College of Performing Arts, where I earned my Master's degree, is housed in the Auditorium Building in Chicago.  I took the picture above in the stairwell on one of my visits back after I graduated.  I think this is the seventh floor, though I forget exactly.

It was a joy to get to attend classes in such a building.  Artistic inspiration was all around me.  Getting to perform in Ganz hall (with its unique chandeliers) on a 9 foot Steinway piano was a highlight of my school experience.  Rudolph Ganz (who the hall is named for) is a well known historical figure in the musical history of this country.  He was originally from Switzerland, but became established here at the Chicago College of Performing Arts (the Chicago Musical College back then).  My teacher's studio, which had been his studio, had walls filled with pictures of all the great pianists and musicians of the past.  I can imagine all of the stories those pictures have attached to them.

The building was designed by Louis Sullivan and Dankmar Adler.  It was completed in 1889, and was designated a Chicago Landmark in September of 1976, about one month before I was born.  A young Frank Lloyd Wright was involved in a bit of the interior design.  I'll spare you a rehashed wikipedia article about it, and send you off to this website... Auditorium Building.  It is a well done article with many more beautiful images of the inside.  Enjoy! 

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