Thursday, March 9, 2017

Is my Four Year Old too Young?

I was imagining the other day how I might answer that common question, "Is my 4 year old too young to start piano lessons?"  A different thought came to my mind this time.  In my head, my answer to this hypothetical parent was, "What if you were to take some lessons with me, and while you do that, teach your child yourself?  Then bring them to me for more formal lessons later."
Well, I really do think that it is a viable option.  A parent is who the child looks up to most, feels most comfortable with, and trusts most at that young age.  The parent would gain skills and confidence in a new skill that they could feel good about.  They might even be redeeming a lost love, having regrettably quit piano too soon.  Certainly, it would help to create beautiful memories with your child that nobody could ever take away from them (and you).

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