Sunday, April 23, 2017

Meet Mr. Keys

Say "hello" to my little friend, Mr. Keys!  Can you guess how old he is?  That's right!  He is 88 years old.  How did you know?  He is black and white, just like the piano keyboard.  Even though he has no fingers nor a mouth, he is very helpful during piano lessons with younger students.  (Older students like him too though.)

He is full of important information about playing piano and music in general.  He knows how to explain the use of the fingers on the keys.  He can play the piano, at least two notes at a time.  He can play three (a full chord!) using his nose when he is feeling really energetic.  Mozart even said to use your nose if that's what you have to do!  (Did he really say that?  Look into it.)  He knows the notes on the staff and which key they go with!  He knows his scales.  Even though his ears are small, he can hear the slightest gradations in dynamic, pitch, tone, smoothness, etc....  He can explain music theory and harmony relationships.  He's read all the great books on piano technique.  He has read all the old treatises on keyboard music and how to play it.  He is here to help, and he cares about his students.  He wants them to succeed at piano, even though it can be hard sometimes.  Mr. Matteo might make you cry (not really, I hope), but Mr. Keys will brighten your day! 

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