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After a performance of classic ragtime.

 Welcome to Figura Music Studio! 
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I drew my studio logo in 2001 when I started my Master's degree for piano in Chicago.  I went to the Chicago College of Performing Arts initially for a pedagogy degree, but ended up with a performance degree.  That's okay though because I have learned quite a bit on how to teach in the best way possible: by doing it!  Since 2002 to the present, I have been teaching piano.  I have also learned much from teaching my own children, who are now 9 and 7 years old.  I can be emailed at matteo@figuramusicstudio.com


Southern Illinois University Edwardsville- Bachelor of Music, piano performance
Roosevelt University (Chicago College of Performing Arts)- Master of Music, piano performance

As I mentioned, I have taught my own children.  That along with the Music Together classes I have taught has provided me with experience in working with preschool aged children.  Even though Schoenhut pianos have been made for many, many years, I only learned about them in 2010.  I had to have one for my then 2 year old!  But these are not toys.  They are legitimate instruments, and can be used to do some real teaching.  The keys are just like a larger piano.  The sound comes from plastic hammers that hit tuned metal bars.  If you would like to get your child 6 yrs. and under started with piano, don't hesitate to contact me.  You can learn more about the Schoenhut pianos at their website, (Schoenhut).

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